Grandpas - Large Gift Card
This 7 1/2 x 9 inch Large Gift Card is blank inside and is suitable for framing. Grandparent's Day/Father's Day/Birthday/Friendship

Product Code: 259


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Grandpas - Large Gift Card

"Grandpas like to go to the park and they don't mind stopping to look at worms and caterpillars along the way. They talk about interesting things like fishing and tractors and what they did when they were kids. Grampas wear funny old caps and have prickly gray whiskers and they like to wrestle. They always have some spare pocket change and they never tell you how to spend it. They don't care if socks don't match and they never say "hurry up!" Grandpas aren't too busy to fix a kite or a flat on your bike. They make silly noises when they nap and they don't mind when you wake them up. Granpas always look forward to your next visit, and they're glad when you arrive!" By Elizabeth Lucas