Father - Plaque
Our plaques measure about 7 1/2 by 9 inches and they have a keyhole hanger on the back so they can be hung on a nail. They are laminated in a non-glare finish and can be cleaned with a cloth.

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Father - Plaque

"Father...friend...protector. A tower of strength during crisis and a gentle giant during life's many disappointments. Author of the family rules - judge, jury and disciplinarian. I have always admired your fairness and I am a better person for the times you got tough. Teacher and coach. You taught me that win or lose - the most important lesson is to practice, work hard and always give it my best..." The poem ends "Responsibility, patience and giving. Your love and caring has taught me so much. My children will experience a better world because of you...father...great friend. Dad, I love you!" ©Peter Dueber