What Cancer Cannot Do - Magnet
This is one of our most popular magnets. Our beautiful acrylic magnets measure 1 3/4 x 5 1/4 inches and the magnet covers the entire back side. The magnet has the entire What Cancer Cannot Do poem with art work by Elizabeth Lucas. She is both a breast cancer and kidney cancer survivor!

Product Code: 62102


2 Magnets Discount Price $14.45 ($7.22 Each)

3 Magnets Discount Price $19.50 ($6.50 Each)

4 Magnets Discount Price $24.00 ($6.00 Each)

5 Magnets Discount Price $27.50 ($5.50 Each)

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What Cancer Cannot Do - Magnet

"Cancer is so limited . . . It cannot cripple Love. It cannot shatter Hope. It cannot corrode Faith. It cannot destroy Peace. It cannot kill Friendship. It cannot suppress Memories. It cannot silence Courage. It cannot invade the Soul. It cannot steal eternal Life. It cannot conquer the Spirit."