Walk The Beach - Magnet
Our beautiful acrylic magnets measure 1 3/4 x 5 1/4 inches and the magnet covers the entire back side.

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Walk The Beach - Magnet

"Walk the Beach... To find a treasure. To exercise the limbs, to soothe the soul. To praise God and to admire His handwork, To marvel at the birds that play against the sky and clouds. To watch the waves as they dance their way over and around the rocks. To feel the sun and the wind pressed against my face and to run from the foam grasping for my feet. To think ... to reflect. To see a million years of conflict and realize that life is as simple as ... 'THE LAND AND THE SEA'. To walk hand in hand with nature and draw upon its energy ... which is nerer-ending and as constant as the stars. And no matter how far apart my visits might measure ... I am always free to renew an old acquaintance with myself." By Peter Dueber©