Constant Companion - Large Gift Card
Blank Inside 71/2 x 9 - Humorous/Friendship

Product Code: 287


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Constant Companion - Large Gift Card

"Women's purses are such a disaster, You hardly ever can find just what you're after! And over-sized handbags are a terrible nuisance; When you're looking for something, searching proves useless! Filled with store coupons, loose change and lots more stuff They're impossibly big or they are not large enough. Some handbags have straps that slip off and catch things, Getting hooked on a doorknob without any warnings! If you know what you're needing---a lipstick, bright red, It is anyone's guess what you'll find there instead!..." The poem ends "But would I leave mine at home as I go to and fro? No, its my constant companion, wherever I go. It's with me always, although its contents do hide, Cause I can't get along, without what's lost inside." Elizabeth Lucas