Girlfriends - Large Gift Card Set
This 7 1/2 x 9 inch Large Gift Card is blank inside and is suitable for framing. Buy this card and get  a "Sisters At Heart" Large Gift Card free! When you order a quantity of 1 you will automatically get the two card set. (If you order a quantity of 2 you will get two sets and so forth.) To see the image of the "Sisters At Heart" card, click on "to see more".

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Girlfriends - Large Gift Card Set

"One great thing about girlfriends, Is their readiness to listen and talk About good times or bad times — Whether meeting for lunch or a walk. It doesn't matter when they last met, Over cell phone, E-mail or dinner They pick up right where they left off — To talk of family, or how to get thinner. And girlfriends are usually ready, No matter how busy they are For movies, tea or some shopping — Or for sharing a book, or their car. Whether old friends or new ones, One thing has surely been proven Love is the strong binding thread — From which true friendship is woven. So, hi, Girlfriend, What's new in your life as of late? Let's get together and chat — Just name the place, and the date! By ©Elizabeth Lucas

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What Cancer Cannot Do - 5" x 7"Note Card Blank Inside
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